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2011-12-13 12:44 am

Zeon Odyssey: Genesis

This story plays with the idea of what would transpire if Garma Zabi had survived the night he was meant to die. It's set in an Alternative Universe, and deals with what allies and enemies Garma would make when push comes to shove. And overall, how his actions will affect Zeon and its people.

There will be sexual themes later on, and definitely a few violent encounters. And the first story of the Trilogy will take place during the One Year War.

Title: Zeon Odyssey: Genesis
Summary: Running out of options, Garma decides to set out in his Zaku with Char to track down the Trojan Horse in Seattle. It seemed commonplace, but the events that transpire from this choice will forever change the fate of Zeon.

Prologue )
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2011-10-27 09:31 pm

Backup Journal

So a lot of crazy drama has been happening over at Livejournal concerning privacy issues and bugs in the system. This is just a backup journal in case any more DDOS attacks or the like occur and I need to switch.

Much appreciation to the people at Unfunny Business who gave away Dreamwidth codes!