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This story plays with the idea of what would transpire if Garma Zabi had survived the night he was meant to die. It's set in an Alternative Universe, and deals with what allies and enemies Garma would make when push comes to shove. And overall, how his actions will affect Zeon and its people.

There will be sexual themes later on, and definitely a few violent encounters. And the first story of the Trilogy will take place during the One Year War.

Title: Zeon Odyssey: Genesis
Summary: Running out of options, Garma decides to set out in his Zaku with Char to track down the Trojan Horse in Seattle. It seemed commonplace, but the events that transpire from this choice will forever change the fate of Zeon.

Disclaimer: I do not have rights to the Gundam franchise or its characters. I am simply borrowing them.

Dedication: To my betas kishiriadgr and Sybil Rowan for looking over what needed to be fixed.

Side Note: The canon referred for this story can be found in the television shows Mobile Suit Gundam 0079, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, and the movie Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack.

Zeon Odyssey: Genesis


Light me a fire to purify this house.

Homer: The Odyssey

October 3rd was said by Zeon Deikun to never be forgotten. For on this day, hundreds of millions cried out for their right to independence from the bureaucrats of Earth. No one would have believed twenty-one years prior that the small and humble colony of Side 3 would emerge into a sovereignty of its own. And yet, Deikun had achieved such a feat by spreading his ideology and promise in a few short years to those who cared to listen.

Some considered it a miracle. Others considered it a curse. But whether someone's view was one or the other, the fact remained that Deikun had started something. The Republic of Zeon became a reality on October 3, 0058.

But as all remarkable affairs in history, goodwill and enthusiasm turned into turmoil. Cordial greetings were met with caution. Friends proved themselves enemies, and a united front split into factions. The environment spilled with hostile frenzy, fighting within themselves in how to rule their new nation. Zeon Deikun, once considered a leader of the people, became a threat.

To no one's surprise, but to a few's disdain, Zeon Deikun passed away. Grief struck many, from close family to those who lived in the Republic. Immediately following the funeral, Degwin Zabi, former chief of staff, took the reins of the Republic. Degwin swore an oath to the people of Side 3 that Zeon Deikun had named him successor, but was met with a handful of raised eyebrows. The suspicious exchanged talk of Degwin Zabi committing murder. Even with these accusations running amuck, no evidence was produced.

After months of unrest, and Zeon Deikun supporters going incognito, many of Side 3 disregarded the old conflicts and focused on their current sovereignty. They named it the Principality of Zeon. And throughout the years of the Principality, Degwin Zabi and his family grew more powerful and influential.

Yet the Earth Federation was knocking on their doorstep. And soon flexing muscles and strengthening military bases wasn't enough to satisfy either side. The belligerence swelled, consuming everyone within its grasp. War was declared on January 3, 0079. Colonies were gassed, and billions of colonists were lost.

The Principality of Zeon had another ace up its sleeve to rub salt in the wound. It consisted of two words that would never be forgotten: Colony Drop. Two-hundred million wiped clean from the Earth on impact, and more lives snuffed out from environmental disturbance.

With the full force of Zeon's might put on stage for the world to see, Side 6 declared itself a neutral party. Side 5 was resistant, and thus met the relentless blows of Zeon's attack force at the Battle of Loum. Both the Federation and the Principality decided to come to an agreement with half the human population extinguished. They formulated the Antarctic Treaty, which banned all weapons of mass destruction. The war pressed on.

In need of more resources, Zeon assault forces led by Garma Zabi were deployed throughout Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe. The mission proved to be successful, and Garma Zabi was rewarded with overseeing the territory of North America as Commander of the Earth Occupation Forces. Fate seemed to favor the Principality, and Garma was satisfied with that at the time.

Such simple gratification came to a halt the day he received a call from Commander Char Aznable about a Federation Mobile Suit. Saying that this call changed his life would be an understatement. For what soon followed became the destiny of all who were expected in this world by Zeon Deikun.

Regardless of for better or worse, the hearts of Zeon beat strong with the night of October 3rd.

Chapter 1: Festival Night


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